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For Candidates

We can provide exciting career opportunities with some of the most inclusive organisations from around the world

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If you want a professional, confidential, inclusive and personal experience as a senior candidate, and be treated with the respect your experience deserves then look no further – because we are proud of being one the the UK Leading Inclusive Recruiters – a quality, highly experienced recruitment team with an exceptional portfolio of the largest global organisations.

Diversity and Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do!

Behaviours, attitudes, values, culture, skills and experience (in that order), matter to us and our employers, therefore we will make you a PROMISE – if you meet our registration criteria, we commit to assign one of our highly experienced search and recruitment consultants, to exclusively work on your behalf for 48 hours, to work with our expansive and exclusive portfolio of clients within the public and private sectors, to secure meetings and interviews for roles which are unadvertised and not yet in the public domain.  We are all diversity and inclusion practitioners and welcome the opportunity to work with authentic talent, who want to simply be themselves and thrive in the right environment and culture.  

Your commitment in return to us, is that if we do as we say, you tell lots of people about the unique experience you have received, and recommend us at every opportunity – simple.

Benefits of Working with Us

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Fast Placement

Reduced time to hire with our targeted approach and  diverse talent pool to meet the future workforce demands

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More than Recruiters

We work candidates in various ways, such as providing counselling, coaching and mentoring tools to ensure that you are "job ready“. 

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Perfect Fit

Inclusive, robust and probing competency and behavioural interviews are conducted. 

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Inclusive and Diverse

We work with employers that champion Inclusion and Diversity. All line managers are trained in inclusive recruitment to ensure the candidate journey and selection process is unbiased.

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Unique, innovative and practical approach has been proven to embed inclusion and maximise efficiency, and profitability, by promoting the motivation and engagement of employees.

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Reach the Very Best

Fully Inclusive, wide and diverse Candidate attraction methods are used to achieve the largest and most diverse pool for each vacancy.